SW Cancer Services

Palliative Medical Team

Palliative Care Specialist – a doctor who has specialised in palliative care. A palliative care specialist will have a medical qualification after which he/she will have undertaken speciality training in palliative care. This speciality training will be recognised by a College such as the Royal Australian College of Physicians and the Palliative Care Specialist will be a fellow of the College (FRACP) or its overseas equivalent.

PCA/PSA – a Patient Care Assistant is a person who is employed to provide support services in a hospital. Under the direction and supervision of nurses and patient support services managers they may assist nursing staff with some aspects of patient care such as showering, personal care and changing beds. They also assist in patient movement and transport to appointments and procedures within the hospital. In some cases a PCA has completed Certificate 3 training. A Patient Service Assistant (PSA) undertakes a wide range of duties including meal delivery, cleaning, patient transport within the hospital.

Volunteers – members of the local community who choose to dedicate some of their personal time to benefit other community members. Volunteers may assist people in that person’s own home, they may participate in a support group, offer transport, home help or a wide variety of other services.

Other Health Professionals – A range of other Health Professionals may be involved in your care depending upon your illness, needs or situation. A list and description of each is provided here.