SW Cancer Services

Your Team


Cancer is not a single disease but a general term for more than 120 different disease types.

Treating patients with cancer is a medical speciality but the growing body of knowledge about cancer treatment has resulted in sub-specialities in which health professionals work and conduct research.

Having many different health professionals involved in cancer treatment has lead to a team approach, with all treatment options being considered and an individual care plan being developed. Adopting a patient-centred, team approach to cancer treatment has reduced mortality and improved quality of life for patients.

This “multi-disciplinary” team approach to treating patients in the South-West who have cancer has resulted in a comprehensive and integrated service across the continuum of care, that is from diagnosis to end of treatment and beyond.

Many multi-disciplinary teams meet face-to-face to discuss treatment options for individual patients and some belong to larger multi-disciplinary teams that are based in Perth or other centres of excellence in health care. This ensures that members of your team are aware of, and able to offer to you, care of the highest standard.

The broader roles of each of the members of your team are discussed in the following pages.