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Patient Rights

Australian Charter of Health Care Rights

The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights describes the rights of patients and other people using the Australian health system.  These rights are essential to make sure that, wherever and whenever care is provided, it is of high quality and is safe.

The Charter recognises that people receiving care and people providing care all have important parts to play in achieving healthcare rights. The Charter allows patients, consumers, families, carers and services providing health care to share an understanding of the rights of people receiving health care. This helps everyone to work together towards a safe and high quality health system. A genuine partnership between patients, consumers and providers is important so that everyone achieves the best possible outcomes.

Australian Charter of Health Care Rights in different languages.



Your responsibilities as a patient

  1. Meet your appointments, and tell staff if you need to cancel your appointment.
  2. Respect the role and dignity of Health Care Workers and their right at a safe and pleasant work environment.
  3. Be aware and considerate of the needs of other patients.
  4. Provide accurate and complete information about your present medical conditions, medications and special needs.
  5. Actively participate in the planning, decisions and choices about your care.
  6. Follow treatment instructions or inform your health care worker if you are unwilling or unable to do so.


Most providers will have their own personalised charter, some useful links below:

  1. St John of God Bunbury Hospital
  2. WA Public Hospital Charter